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Harmonic and Chart patterns

What is it ?

Advanced pattern recognition algorithm specialized for forex, cryptocurrencies, and futures. 

Utilize our platform's comprehensive support for all harmonic patterns along with an extensive range of other chart patterns.

How it works ?

Our state-of-the-art system continuously scans through list of securities every minute, committed to discovering the best trading opportunities for you. You won't waste time searching for trading setups; we'll deliver them directly to you.


Powered by an advanced algorithm, it adeptly detects chart patterns, harmonic patterns and  candlestick formations, streamlining your price action trading experience. Our system sifts through patterns and  filters out the less desirable ones for you.

How signal looks

You will receive instant Telegram messages as our system detects harmonic or chart patterns on instruments. These messages will include pattern images directly from the charts.


Get subscription

3 Month


Three month subscription to chart patterns indicator channels.

6 Month


Six month subscription to chart patterns indicator channels.

1 Year


One year subscription to chart patterns indicator channels.

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