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Trade copier

Single point

Our trade copier service offers the convenience of managing multiple MetaTrader accounts seamlessly from a single master account. With this innovative solution, traders can execute trades on the master account, and the system will automatically replicate those trades across all linked accounts in real-time.

Auto trade

Enable your followers to automate their trading activities by utilizing our trade copier service, seamlessly integrated with our signals distributed through Telegram, Discord, and other channels. With this solution, subscribers can effortlessly replicate trades executed on our platform onto their own accounts in real-time, ensuring they capitalize on market opportunities without delay.

Risk management

Our trade copier service provides the flexibility to implement distinct risk management strategies on slave accounts tailored to individual preferences and risk tolerances. Traders can customize risk parameters such as lot sizes, stop-loss levels, and leverage settings for each slave account independently

MT4-MT5 Bridge

Our cloud-based solution serves as a bridge, enabling simultaneous trading across both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts. With our innovative technology, traders can seamlessly execute trades on multiple accounts from both MT4 and MT5 platforms simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual switching or platform limitations.


With detailed reporting of trading activity and customizable dashboards powered by data charts, traders gain a deeper understanding of their trading activity. Enhance your trading experience with our advanced analytics suite, offering in-depth insights and performance metrics for your managed accounts.


Expanding our trade copier functionality to support popular messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord presents an exciting opportunity to enhance user accessibility and convenience. By enabling traders to receive trade notifications directly through these channels and seamlessly automate orders from messages, we can streamline the trading process and provide greater flexibility in how users interact with our service.

1 Month


One month subscription to trade copier per account.

3 Month


Three month subscription to trade copier per account.

6 Year


Six month subscription to trade copier per account.

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