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Trend scanner


Market scanning

TradersTube Trend Scanner is a sophisticated tool designed to meticulously analyze both Fiat and Cryptocurrency pairs, swiftly detecting any shifts in market trends. Subscribers receive real-time notifications through our premium Telegram and Discord channels, ensuring timely access to critical trading insights.

Operational logic

The Trend Scanner harnesses proprietary algorithms meticulously crafted by our team, primarily leveraging EMAs. However, our innovative approach incorporates bespoke adjustments, enhancing the system's precision and effectiveness. This unique blend of EMA-based analytics, coupled with our enhancements, empowers the scanner to deliver high accuracy in identifying market trends.

Opportune moment

Timing is paramount in the realm of trading. Having a tool that promptly notifies you of trend changes is exceedingly advantageous. By receiving timely alerts, traders can seize opportunities swiftly and effectively navigate dynamic market conditions, thereby enhancing their potential for success.

3 Month


Three month subscription Trend Scanner channels.

6 Month


Six month subscription to Trend Scanner channels.

1 Year


One year subscription to Trend Scanner channels.

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